The Nutrition Data Summit is a student-led conference at Tufts University which aims to unite the research and perspectives of students, educators, and professionals across nutrition-related disciplines. Attendees will actively participate in three days of debates, simulations, workshops, and plenary sessions, with speakers and researchers from the breadth of nutrition data sciences. Conference highlights for student attendees include a student poster competition, lightning talks, and a hackathon.


  • CONNECT students, practitioners, and experts in nutrition-related disciplines to build a nutrition data science network

  • COORDINATE research and perspectives of nutrition students, practitioners, and experts by:

    • Identifying gaps and overlaps in nutrition data collection, curation, and analytical methodologies

    • Elucidating perspectives and challenges of standardizing nutrition indicators, establishing protocols for data sharing and data ownership, improving transparency in nutrition data sciences, organizations/sectors

  • COLLABORATE on solutions to nutrition-specific challenges, and establish platforms for continued discussions on nutrition data sciences by developing strategies to unify the efforts of data harvesters, data translators, and data interpreters

  • CREATE solutions through student-driven engagement and entrepreneurship